Taking time back

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Electronic, Mechanical
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A week ago I found this simple quarts clock and thought about the idea of making the clock turn backwards, which would be pretty easy and cool. I found this clock without a clock-face in my garage and took it apart, but when I did reversed the 2 connections to the electromagnet it still turned the right way. So I started looking for an explanation and found this site: http://backwardstime-moddy.blogspot.com/ it says you have to reverse the metal plate in the electromagnet, so I did and it worked!

Now a friend of mine is giving a party because of his birthday and I thought it would make a perfect gift to give him this reversed clock, and make a special clock-face for it. So this morning I downloaded the design of a clock-face at http://mydxf.blogspot.com/ a really cool site for 2d DXF file drawings, especially when you can make these with your own cnc machine! I used this design and placed a proverb in dutch (where I’m from) on it. It says “like the clock is ticking at home” which means something like “Home sweet home”. Here below is a picture of the milling.

So at the end it looked quite nice:

Here’s a movie of the clock, running backwards:

When I finished this build, which took me about 2 hours, and looked at the clock. It surprised me how easily it is to read the clock even when it is turning backwards. Maybe it’s because I mirrored the clock-face numbers as well… anyway it’s a cool and original clock like this!

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