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Lasercut Lighthouse

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Mechanical
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Hello again, it has been some time!

Last year I graduated for my bachelor degree in Mechatronics and after that I did I moved to the UK for 6 months after the summer to do a DTS, a Disciple Trainings School which I wanted to do as a Christian. This was an amazing time and I saw a lot of the world outside of the Netherlands, I was privileged to see the UK, Scotland and India for some time, really cool and it thought me a lot. So I had my mind focused on something else for that 6 months and did not post that much on my blog.

So now I’m back and aiming to upload some projects that I have done in the last year. This project I did last year in the summer before going to the UK. I designed and made a  lasercut lighthouse. Below are some pictures and there is also the link to my thingiverse page on which you can download the DXF drawings.