Lasercut Lighthouse

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Mechanical
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Hello again, it has been some time!

Last year I graduated for my bachelor degree in Mechatronics and after that I did I moved to the UK for 6 months after the summer to do a DTS, a Disciple Trainings School which I wanted to do as a Christian. This was an amazing time and I saw a lot of the world outside of the Netherlands, I was privileged to see the UK, Scotland and India for some time, really cool and it thought me a lot. So I had my mind focused on something else for that 6 months and did not post that much on my blog.

So now I’m back and aiming to upload some projects that I have done in the last year. This project I did last year in the summer before going to the UK. I designed and made a  lasercut lighthouse. Below are some pictures and there is also the link to my thingiverse page on which you can download the DXF drawings.

Since almost everybody doesn’t like to wake up (early) in the morning I thought I had to do something to get me out of bed with more ease… A few years a purchased a wake-up light which just wakes you with a lamp that shines brighter and brighter until it is a 100% of brightness over a period of a half a hour. The idea is that you wake up earlier and rested. This worked for me for about a month and after that it waked me but I was very slumbered.

So I had to think of another thing to wake up easier… I came up with the idea of making the motivation of getting out of bed higher. This, I thought for me, can be done by fresh baked baguette and eggs. Read the rest of this entry »

A quick post. Today, 2th Easter day, I was cleaning up my room, throwing away some stuff I don’t use any more. I also found a whole set of parts for the robotics arm I made some time ago; Here and here;

I was going to throw them away, or one of you guys want to have ’em? Post a comment with e-mail and I can send the set to you for shipping costs only. Oh yeah and this is a milled set so there extra beautiful!


All the 5 set’s I had are given away, have fun with it! I’d love to see pictures of what you do with it!

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Mechanical
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Aka, A SmartAss:

This last semester I studied the minor “Embedded Systems” on my university, in this minor you learn a lot about most of the thing I count as my hobby; Electronics and programming. The minor takes a half a year and you have to do a certain project that takes about a half a year. The project I and a friend chose was a bit different, but a really cool one; The Avans Smart Assistant! Read the rest of this entry »