Cleanup: Robotic Arm parts!

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Mechanical
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A quick post. Today, 2th Easter day, I was cleaning up my room, throwing away some stuff I don’t use any more. I also found a whole set of parts for the robotics arm I made some time ago; Here and here;

I was going to throw them away, or one of you guys want to have ’em? Post a comment with e-mail and I can send the set to you for shipping costs only. Oh yeah and this is a milled set so there extra beautiful!


All the 5 set’s I had are given away, have fun with it! I’d love to see pictures of what you do with it!

  1. Oh my god. Why didn’t you say this 2 months ago? :))

  2. nullsub says:

    I am intrested in one set of parts. I am from germany. How high would be the shipping cost?

  3. Evan Grace says:

    That is awesome! I would love to be able to get my hands on a nicely milled set! I am putting one on our teams robot!

  4. Marwa says:

    I am willing to receive one set of the robotic gripper, if you don’t mind and i am willing to pay all the expenses

  5. Mateo Ball says:

    I’ll have them

  6. Jonathan says:

    Hi! i live in México how much is the shipping costs to. C.P. 45525 ?

  7. Argenis Salas says:

    Hello! Friend I would like to have the plans to build your robotic arm, I am Professor of electronics at Venezuela and I would like to teach Robotics your can send the plans thank very much

  8. Roland says:

    This is available yet? I really want to this for my deegre project at University. How much is the shipping cost to Hungary? thanks

  9. Felipe Guerrero says:

    HELLO, jjshortcut i’m try to do your robotic arm 1 month ago, we are a group of university stundents,we like to contact u bye e-mail. (we have your desing in AUTODESK INVENTOR 2012)thx.

  10. Nitin says:

    hi bro, i want those parts but prob is, m living in india n don’t know about shiping procedure

  11. Sean says:

    Would you be able to send me the plans for the parts if you have them?? i have to construct a robotic arm and make the parts FROM SCRATCH and this would be perfect. Much appreciated my email is . Thanks a million 😀

  12. Ravinderreddy.N says:

    Hi jjshortcut,

    I need arm parts for making robot ARM,could u please give a guidance on building robo ARM ,could u please transport those parts to my place and please send details to transport or else please suggest me where i can bye those parts individually for making robot arm, please replay me…………….

  13. Rodger says:

    Im Interested In these Parts…Im doing a Project and i need to make a Robotic arm…If this pieces are not available can you Please send me the plans to making the pieces or where i can can get pieces similiar

  14. romeo says:

    hey is there any way you could email me a file of the cutouts for the arm i would like to build one

  15. Shami says:

    Super leuke project, ik ben een student op de Kunst academie maar vind super leuk om dit
    een keer gemaakt te hebben. Kan je mij een een bestandje sturen waarvan ik de plan kan uit
    printen en ook zoiets kan maken? zou heel fijn zijn.

    mijn e-mail

    Alvast bedankt,
    Met vriendelijke groet,

  16. lupitia1 says:

    Hello! I would like to know in what way I can get these parts. I find it interesting this project and I would like to receive these pieces.

  17. Dean says:

    Any chance of publishing your drawings?

  18. Malik Arif says:

    I need these parts of gripper. can u kindly give me that plz.. i will b thankful to you really.

  19. josh says:

    Id wonder if the design could be pulled into freecad and give it a wrist and vacume pen vancume tweezers hand for pick n place electronics assembly. id buy a set if it could be done.

    • jjshortcut says:

      Would be a really cool application for sure!

      • josh says:

        Thanks have you moved your robot arm with arduino? How is the precision like if you had it trace a ruler?
        How close do the servos fit in the holes does it have a lot of slop?
        I am going to have the originals wood cut at NYC resistor.
        I may watch some librecad videos it seems like the right open source tool for lasercutting.

  20. triple says:

    can u contact me plz i want them

  21. ankit agarwal says:

    hey i am ankit agarwal from india , i want to know usable parts of robotic arm and total cost and please if any one my friend have servomotor controlling programing system then send me on my e-mail…. …./ THANK YOU

  22. mimo says:


    great arm

    what kind of servo used??

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