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Here’s something I made lately, a real magic box 😉 But what is it, and why the giraffe?! Well the back of the case speaks for itself!


Since I build my robotic arm and the electronics, there has been some progress. 2 friends of mine are busy with the programming, the are making a program in JAVA to control the robotic arm. I have been busy with making more arms, a friend and I did go to a Fablab in utrecht. There we made 8 robotic arms from hardboard 4mm on a lasercutter, it only took about 6 minutes to make one! Below a picture of the lasercutted arm:

I really want a lasercutter now! :p its such a usefull and fast tool! Below a movie of the lasercutting:


About a month ago I finally got my so called Open Logic Sniffer which is an open source logic analyzer with usb for only 45 $! , I ordered from seeedstudio and its developed by Dangerous prototypes and Gadget Factory. It’s a really great tool to measure 1/0 signals and I’m really happy with it! I also got (more…)