My little AVR development board

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

About a month or 2 ago I decided a build a little development board for an atMega16 avr chip, because I didn’t want to build a breadboard for every single application. So with a friend of mine we made the schematic and designed a  board with a lot of pinouts for the most common used applications including serial communication, two wire interface (TWI/I2C), analog digital conversion, i/o (switches and leds), and some timer/counter pins.

The schematic and board; you can also download them here.

The features are:

-3 push-switches
-8 Leds
-8 analog digital inputs or 8 digital in/outputs pinout
-SCL and SDA pinout (TWI/I2C) (with extra VCC and GND for supply the TWI device)
-2 servo connectors
-2 external interrupt pinout
-ICSP header
-Serial communication to a standard FTDI header
-Supply through FTDI, ICSP or terminal block
-Led for power-on and serial communication
-Extra VCC and GND

We build this board to learn about the use of all these functions which are included in a microcontroller, and to make it easier to use them.

I milled the 2 boards I made with my cnc machine, with a 0.5mm endmill. They came out really nice!

It looks like I finally can mill PCB’s at home, and don’t have to etch them anymore, which saves me quite some time and the mess of the liquid 😉

Here’s the whole setup with ICSP and USART:

Now it’s time to program some AVR’s!

Hope you like it!

  1. bhushan says:

    ur r really awsum man………..
    ya i want the eagle files for my project…..
    please can u help me wid my project…..
    actually my project is about controlling 2 servos through bluetooth in pc through vb………..
    so please rply how can u help……..
    reply fast gotta submit ma project in a month…..
    m usin atmega32………..n bluetooth ttl module….

  2. bhushan says:

    m not gettin the program to control d servo…..
    can u help me wid that its very difficult…….
    m using a 16mhz xtal……..
    rply soon………..

  3. sunil says:

    megaupload is down… can u plz upload the schemetic files somewhere elese so we can access them..

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