My custom case USBASP

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Mechanical

Here’s something I made lately, a real magic box 😉 But what is it, and why the giraffe?! Well the back of the case speaks for itself!

Just before my summer holiday’s I made those. It is a so-called USBASP which is a programmer for AVR microcontrollers, and it works with ISP (in system programming). I found it really handy because it has just a few passive components and a ATMega 8 with a firmware-USB driver (so there is no special USB controller needed). Most programmers you make yourself won’t work that well and there are a lot of reasons that make you think why not just by a “real” programmer, but this one is just simple and it has USB and it works like a charm! That’s the reason I build this one.

Here’s the box I made. Since I have a CNC machine I build a case for it, a CUSTOM case 🙂 I found a nice .dxf picture of a giraffe at which is also a great site for free dxf art files! I engraved a giraffe on the case, just to make it look more friendly :). If you would like my drawings of the case, just ask.

So If you want to make a programmer yourself, just make one of these. The circuit is pretty simple and It has USB. So you’re ready to plug-and-go!

Here below a picture of the programmer in action, it is programming a new PCB I made this weekend but more on that later!

I hope you like it!

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