My logic analyzer and case

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Mechanical
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About a month ago I finally got my so called Open Logic Sniffer which is an open source logic analyzer with usb for only 45 $! , I ordered from seeedstudio and its developed by Dangerous prototypes and Gadget Factory. It’s a really great tool to measure 1/0 signals and I’m really happy with it! I also got the Bus Pirate from Dangerous Prototypes, and this is also a super great tool which I even didn’t know I would need it this much! If you don’t know Dangerous Prototypes it’s definitely worth checking out their site and projects!

So, since I got this logic analyzer without case I decided to make one myself. I made an acrylic lasercut case for it, check it out:

When I made the case I finally wanted to check out the abilities of this thing so I decided to test it, but how? I took the Bus Pirate to generate RS-232 signals and just check out the 0’s and 1’s and record them with the logic analyzer: CLOSED-LOOP! :p

Here’s the testing as you can see, I send: 74 74 83 72 79 82 84 67 85 84…

But what’s the point of that?!

One of the most coolest functions of SUMP (the analyze software) is the ability to decode a protocol like UART, so what I send with the bus pirate in decimal the SUMP logic analyzer can decode it, check below.

Really cool!

To test the accuracy I decided to generate a pulse signal of 4KHz and a duty cycle of 50%, I sampled at 50MHZ and at total 16K of samples:

Looks like it’s pretty accurate, definitely a useful tool!

Here is the dxf file of the case:

  1. Wanderer says:

    Dear J-J Shortcut! Can you please send me drawings of your case? I want to make the same one but the link at the end of your article doesn’t work. Please send the drawings by e-mail (if possible).

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