My standard servo gripper

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Mechanical

A couple of months ago I made this robotic gripper, it’s compatible with a standard servo so any servo fits in it. I saw this site: This guy made a robotic arm, and I used the global plan of the gripper, modified it and drew it in autocad. The autocad drawings I converted to Gcode and I did mill it with my cnc machine.The gripper is made of 4mm hardboard, and the screws are m3. For the gripper itself you can use m3 with nylock nuts.

Here is a link to download the drawings:

Here’s a little video of it:

Today I converted the autocad drawings to a Solidworks drawing, and made a assembly of it:

Here’s you can see the back-plate of the gripper, the holes in it are for connecting it to a standard servo horn. (So it is not compatible with my robotic arm and its also to heavily, so I’m thinking of making a gripper for a mini-servo).

Here’s a picture of how the gripper works:

Let me know when you made one to 🙂 Hope you like it!

  1. edwin fabian says:


    nesecito de su ayuda ps me encuentro realizando un proyecto de robotica y en mi poryecto nesecito un gripper para y me parecemuy practico el suyo me serviria su ayuda ps no se muy bien q pmateriales utilizar de antemano se agradese su colaboracion y atencion prestada muchas gracias esperare su respuesta(

  2. Matthew Smith says:

    hi, im curious how the motor is hooked up in the gripper. would you mind explaining or maybe posting some more pictures?

  3. Matt Smith says:

    hi im not sure if my last post was posted, so ill ask again. how does the motor connect to the gripper? maybe post or send me some pics. thanks

    • jjshortcut says:


      I updated the post and add some pictures of how the servo is connected. Check the gallery. To connect the servo with the geared arm I used the original servo screw. Although I have to say this is not the best way, by just directly connect the servo with the wood. It gets lose some time.

      I hope this makes it a bit clearer.

  4. Najib Mahmud says:


    I saw your post on Thingiverse, and was hoping if you could possibly send me or post the solidworks assembly of the robotic arm. I am taking a tech0drafting class and we work with solidworks, and I am really interested on how you put the whole arm together and how it works.
    My email is

    Najib Mahmud

  5. Faqih says:

    hei,, i dont have solidworks on my computer,, so could u send me just picture extension??

    thanks before..
    here my email:

  6. Dylan says:

    What servo did you use? Brand? Model?

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