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Robotic metal finder

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

One of my first project’s I documented on my computer, was this so called “Robotic Metal Finder”. I build it from scratch I had laying around in my room, doing nothing so I thought it might be a nice little project to make. The whole project is powered bij an little but powerfull AVR Attiny13, that controls the interrupts of from the metal detector, and it controls the “left, right, backwards and forwards” of the RC-car. The input from the metal detector is created bij an voltage that is driving a LED to let the user see that it has found metal. The control of the RC-car is done bij some wires from the Attiny ports to the “Base” of the transistors on the RC-car’s PCB. A really simple construction, but héy it works! (more…)